Lower Extremity Prostheses

For patients requiring a lower limb prostheses, Advanced Motion Control Inc. can provide custom-designed solutions. Our clients include both new and long time amputees with a variety of lifestyle and athletic objectives. The key to our success is a thorough evaluation of your specific needs so that we can custom design solutions to help you reach your goals.

Our custom design process includes:


At your initial appointment we will discuss your medical history, lifestyle and job requirements, ambulation goals and prior prosthetic care. Our practitioners will conduct a full examination of your residual limb and discuss potential needs for volume control and wrapping of the limb. They will also discuss any prior prosthetic care and examine the current prosthesis as appropriate. Together, we will develop a care plan to best meet your needs including socket fit and prosthetic components including feet and knee options.


During your next visit, we will take measurements of the residual limb. With these measurements, we will fabricate a cast made of plaster which will be the “mold” for our prosthetist to fabricate the test socket.

Fitting a test socket:

In some cases, a test socket will be created to further refine the fit.  This test socket is made of a material that allows our practitioners to better understand points of contact, and make adjustments required before the definitive socket is fabricated.  We cannot understate our commitment to achieving the most comfortable, precise fit for our patients.  As experienced amputees know, socket fit is the key to getting maximum benefit from even the most high tech prosthetic components.


Once the socket fit meets your needs and all of your components have been precisely aligned and adjusted, the final prosthesis is delivered.  


We understand that as you use your device, changes will happen.  Muscle development, volume changes and usage requirements evolve.  We are committed to your ongoing success and we encourage you to call our office as needed to ensure maximum utilization.   We are here to help!

Socket Replacements

As physical and lifestyle changes occur, changes to your prosthesis may be required.  When components are still in full working order and under warranty,  a socket replacement may be all that is required. 

This process, similar to the fabrication of a new prosthesis, consists of casting the limb and adjusting test sockets until an ideal fit is established. Our facility will only replace sockets for either existing patients, or in cases where the components are in full working order and under manufacturer’s warranty.

Adjustments and Prosthetic Supplies

Advanced Motion Control is committed to your continued success and satisfaction.  If you have any changes or feel your socket is not fitting quite right, please call our office and we are happy to make required adjustments. 

Advanced Motion Control Inc. also provides ongoing  supplies you may need such as socks, liners and sleeves.

Upper Extremity Prosthetics

In addition to lower limb prosthetics, we also specialize in upper limb solutions.  Our practitioners are certified in the latest in both below and above the elbow technology including myoelectric hands.  Similar to the process for our lower limb patients, we will complete a thorough examination of your limb and understand your unique requirements.

We are putting your safety first by taking all necessary precautions based on the American Board for Certification in Prosthetics and Orthotics and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.